Still you can see the price list below

So you don't have to be the fastest. Plan your order carefully and fill the whole form correctly. I won't take those orders, which has made wrong in a hurry. 

 Commission horses, ponies and foals

Info about commissions

Commission horses and ponies are all handmade. 

Every commission is made carefully according to the client's wishes. 

The horses are handmade sustainably of velboa fabric. Mane, eyes and nostrils are sewn neatly.

Commission line opens 16.4.2021 at 9 am 
(Finnish time) 

I will choose and take 3 orders that have been sent me by e-mail according to the precept.

So please fill out your order form carefully and remember to add all possible example images. 

How to order?

You can e-mail me a completed form, when the commission line is open.

You find the form in the end of the page.

Fill the form carefully and add pictures of details if needed. (I recommend attaching pictures, because they help a lot in making a horse.)

I take only 3 commissions now, so please plan your order carefully.

Even if you won't get a place, try next time again. 

Usually perseverance is rewarded!


The price of a horse depens on materials used and time spent on making it.

Little details and multicolouring raise the prise significantly, because they increase the time of work.

Making a horse takes 8 to 20 hours.

Novadays prices include VAT 24%


  • Multicolour or other special colouring  +10-100€
  • Dark/light shadings  +5-30€
  • Longer mane (more than 10 cm) +5-15€
  • for example fjord mane +10-20€
  • Special marks starting +5-15€
  • Colored eyes +5-10€
  • You will find all info about equipment on their own section!

All horses, ponies and foals come with fillings and stick!

 Fabrics (velboa)

The last 5 fabrics have a little bit shorter hair and that's why they are thinner that 1-10. 

Still, they can be used as well as those others! 

fabric 11 and fabric 8 are only enough for variegation!

Yarns for mane

Horses' equipment: 

The price of horses and ponies does not include equipment.

The foals come with a simple halter chosen by the buyer and a halter rope (the total price is otherwise 14€ ).

Equipment can be ordered for a horse or pony.

In this case, also take a look at the commission tack pages and prices.

Once you have selected the equipment, also add them to the order form with all the information. 

You can ask more about the equipment. There are plenty of alternatives! 

Order form:  

  • Name: 
  • Instagram account (optional):
  • E-mail: 
  • Horse/pony/foal: 
  • Breed/Shape(show jumping horse/dressage horse):
  • Fabric number: 
  • Mane number and length: 
  • All details: 
  • Example pictures: 
  • Posiible extra tack what comes with: 
  • Example pictures of equipment (if you want to order extra tack):
  • Country: 

You can also, if you wish, fill in the form below, which must be answered with the same questions as in the form above. However, attaching images is more difficult. So if you have many good example images, prefer to send the form via my email so you can copy the upper form directly and add more images. 

I can tell the final price after I have read the filled form. If you are younger than 18 years, you need a permission of an adult. 

I sell all my horses with fillings and stick, and extra tack chosen by customer. Postages do not include into the price ( 22 € to most European countries ).

If something is unclear, please ask. You reach me best through my instagram @rosemix_official.


044 970 3062